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10 Amazing Collagen Benefits for Men

As you age, it’s important to take proactive steps to stay healthy. Many men wish to maintain their strength, performance, appearance, and natural immunity for as long as possible, and if you’re one of them, you’ll want to hear all about the many collagen benefits for men.

So, what are these collagen benefits for men? Can men take collagen supplements? And how long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Contrary to popular belief, collagen is not just a women’s beauty supplement. There’s a powerhouse of collagen benefits for men that can make you feel great about including it in your day-to-day routine.

Can men take collagen supplements? Absolutely. In fact, they’re especially beneficial for men who are physically active and older.

Let’s take a look at what collagen is, the benefits of collagen for men, and how to start incorporating it into your life today.

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What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It’s found in every tissue, every organ, and every cell. 

Why is it so important? 

Collagen helps maintain strength, flexibility, and elasticity throughout your entire body. Basically, it is the “glue” holding everything in your body together. Many of the collagen benefits for men mentioned below will be centered around this fact.

The amino acids in collagen support the body’s ability to repair muscle tissue after stressors like exercise, making it perfect for boosting strength and performance.

As we continue to age, our bodies produce less collagen. This leads to a natural decrease in the body’s ability to heal itself, leading to a longer recovery time, wrinkles, and more aches and pains. 

The lack of collagen in your body can be the hidden factor behind many different ailments. This is why it is crucial to keep the collagen levels in your body high, especially if you’re an active man.

Men need to maintain healthy collagen levels to help prevent age-related conditions like joint pain, muscle loss, and chronic inflammation - just to name a few.

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10 collagen benefits for men

Here are our top 10 collagen benefits for men that can help turn back the clock on the effects of aging. 

1. Collagen may support muscle growth 

First on our list of collagen benefits for men is collagen's ability to support muscle growth and repair. If you work out, you know you can’t build muscle without adequate protein in your diet. 

Collagen is an excellent source of protein for men, especially those who actively work out. 

Collagen helps build muscle by providing the body with amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and collagen is rich in them.

Studies have found that collagen supplementation can help improve the results you see from exercise when it comes to muscle strength and growth.

2. Collagen may increase metabolism & energy

The collagen benefits for men don’t solely pertain to the integrity and strength of your muscles. Collagen also helps regulate metabolism

Many people who add collagen supplements to their diet notice a higher metabolism as a result. This is because collagen improves muscle and tendon function, allowing you to move more efficiently and boost your metabolism. 

In turn, this can help you burn more fat and feel more alert, even when sitting still. 

3. Collagen may improve bone and joint health

One of the first telltale signs of aging is the sudden onset of joint pain. This is why better bone and joint health comes in third on our list of collagen benefits for men. 

Collagen is a crucial element in bones and cartilage, meaning it plays a significant role in keeping bones and joints healthy.

Not only do your bones become less dense as you age, but your cartilage does too. This makes it more difficult for your joints to heal correctly, and can lead to degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis. 

Taking collagen for joints can help make your bones denser and cartilage more padded and flexible, greatly improving your day-to-day comfort.

4. Collagen may help you lose weight

Losing weight is no easy feat, and keeping that weight off can be even harder. Luckily, some people use collagen peptides for weight loss because collagen can increase feelings of satiety or fullness. 

Curbing your appetite is key to making your weight loss journey more manageable. One of the great collagen benefits for men is its ability to curb appetite by stimulating the release of hormones responsible for making you feel full after eating a meal. 

You'll be able to go longer between meals, or eat less at those meals, making it easier to create the calorie deficit needed for weight loss.

5. Collagen may improve recovery time

As men age, recovery times from intense physical activity or injury tend to get longer and longer. Thus, improved recovery times are one of the most sought after collagen benefits for men.

Collagen is a necessary component in wound healing. That’s because your body uses collagen fibers to stitch your wounds and interior tears back together. 

Using supplemental collagen for wound healing has become a common practice in the medical field because of its versatility in treating different types of wounds. And you can help yourself at home as well!

Taking a high-quality supplemental collagen product may help you get back on your feet faster after injury or physical exhaustion. It will give your body all the building blocks it needs to keep it functioning in top form. 

6. Collagen may reduce hair loss

Hair loss is something that no man wants to face, regardless of age. So, does collagen help hair loss?

Adding collagen to your diet can help lower the odds of hair loss. 

Hair is made up of keratin, a protein containing glycine and proline – two of the many amino acids in collagen. By supplementing with collagen, you're providing your body with the necessary nutrients it needs for hair growth.

Collagen can also improve the health and elasticity of your skin, which is why it is such a touted beauty supplement. This means that collagen can improve the environment around your hair follicles, making them stronger and more hospitable for healthy hair growth. 

7. Collagen may decrease inflammation

Another of the many collagen benefits for men is a decreased level of inflammation in the body. 

While inflammation is a robust defense mechanism against injury and toxins, its protection doesn’t come without its unwanted side effects. In fact, inflammation is responsible for many of the aches and pains we feel in our bodies.

The amino acids in collagen come in handy when it comes to decreasing inflammation. Glycine, one of the main amino acids found in collagen, works to reduce inflammation by stopping the production of cytokines. 

Cytokines are chemical signals that create an inflammatory response, and by limiting their production, these key amino acids help keep inflammation from getting out of hand. 

8. Collagen may slow down skin aging

If you’ve heard of collagen before, you may have connotated its benefits with women's skincare. Well, collagen can be just as beneficial for men’s skin, too!

The health of your skin may not be one of your main focuses in life, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to take care of it as you age. One of the collagen benefits for men is its ability to fight the speed at which your skin loses elasticity

Giving your body an extra boost in collagen production allows your skin to repair itself and stay hydrated, which can help it look more youthful, more even, and less wrinkled.

9. Collagen may boost your mood

If you're looking for a quick way to boost your mood, collagen protein may actually be one of the best mood boosting supplements out there.

The glycine content in collagen has been shown to boost serotonin levels, improve sleep, decrease anxiety levels, and balance out hormones - all important factors in your mental health and wellbeing. 

In fact, glycine has even been shown to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia, making collagen a very powerful supplement indeed.

If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to improve your mood, these collagen benefits for men may just be the ticket. Of course, make sure that any collagen supplement you take also contains tryptophan, or you can actually end up with a decrease in serotonin levels!  

10. Collagen may improve digestion

Last but not least on our list of collagen benefits for men is the link between collagen and gut health

In your digestive tract, collagen helps maintain structure and supports the growth of healthy gut flora. The structure of the gut depends on collagen, so a lack of collagen can cause digestive issues.

As expected, low collagen levels may negatively affect digestive issues such as leaky gut. Collagen supplementation may help address the root cause of many gut issues by healing the intestinal barrier. 

A functioning intestinal barrier allows your gut to move food and nutrients along much more smoothly. As a result, this can even relieve some of the side effects of digestive issues.

Now that you’ve heard some of the wonderful, and very diverse, collagen benefits for men, it’s time to learn how to get more collagen in your daily diet. 

How to incorporate collagen into your diet

If you want to get all the collagen benefits for men, you need to make sure you’re getting ample amounts of collagen! One of the ways you can do that is through your food. 

Beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and milk all contain varying amounts of collagen. Choosing foods high in protein and low in sugar makes it easier to get your daily collagen intake. Foods high in vitamin C, iron, and calcium can also help to increase your body's collagen synthesis.

A common question people ask is: “How much collagen should I take in a day?”

The optimal amount of collagen you should take daily depends on your age and weight. For men, it is recommended to take between 2.5g to 15g of collagen per day.

If you want to get the most out of your collagen, you need to make sure it is easily digestible. Collagen protein in its whole form is difficult to absorb into your bloodstream, so though you might be eating a lot of protein, you might not be getting as many benefits as you think. 

That’s why we recommend a hydrolyzed collagen supplement like the medical-grade collagen protein from ProT Gold. This collagen protein has been broken down into easily digestible pieces, and has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it is safe for consumption. 

ProT Gold medical-grade collagen for men

ProT Gold hydrolyzed collagen comes in two convenient forms - liquid or powder - so you can choose to take it straight or mix it into a shake or smoothie, whatever is more convenient for your lifestyle. 

Proven to fully digest in just 15 minutes or less, ProT Gold collagen supplements ensure you get the very most out of all of the collagen benefits for men.

FAQs about collagen benefits for men

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about collagen benefits for men: 

Why is collagen good for men?

Men are at a higher risk for low collagen levels. Why? Men tend to have thicker skin and less body fat and typically lose more collagen with age.

As a result, men must keep their collagen levels high. Collagen can help ensure that the body continues to function normally, that bones stay strong, and that men maintain a more youthful appearance.

The collagen benefits for men over 50 may be even more significant.

If you're over 50, collagen levels may start to decline rapidly, leading to wrinkles and weakened connective tissues, making you look and feel older than you are. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to increase your collagen levels through diet and supplementation.

Are there any side effects of taking collagen for men?

Potential collagen side effects are generally rare and mild. Some individuals report experiencing digestive discomfort, such as bloating or mild gastrointestinal upset. 

Those allergic to collagen sources, such as marine or bovine collagen, could experience allergic reactions. However, these occurrences are uncommon. 

Consult with your doctor before starting a new supplement, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications. Overall, collagen supplements are generally safe for men, providing benefits for joint health, skin elasticity, and muscle recovery when taken as directed.

How long does it take for collagen to work?

The time it takes for collagen supplements to show noticeable effects varies depending on factors like dosage, individual metabolism, and the benefits sought. 

Generally, skin elasticity and hydration improvements may be observed within 4 to 6 weeks of consistent intake. 

It may take several months of regular supplementation for joint health to experience reduced stiffness and improved mobility. 

Muscle recovery benefits might be noticed more quickly, within a few weeks, particularly when coupled with exercise. Consistency is key, as collagen gradually supports tissue repair and regeneration.

Does collagen increase testosterone? 

Collagen itself doesn't directly increase testosterone levels. However, some studies suggest collagen supplementation may indirectly support testosterone production by promoting overall health. 

One of the key components of collagen is glycine, an amino acid that plays a role in hormone synthesis, including testosterone. 

Additionally, collagen's benefits for joint health and muscle recovery could indirectly support exercise performance, which may positively impact testosterone levels. 

Still, more research is needed to establish a direct link between collagen supplementation and testosterone levels.