ProT Gold + Fiber - Box of 24 x 1oz Packets
ProT Gold + Fiber - Box of 24 x 1oz Packets

ProT Gold + Fiber - Box of 24 x 1oz Packets

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ProT Gold + Vitafiber™, a soluble, prebiotic fiber from natural starch sources.

Box with 24 x 1-oz Packets

  • Supports dietary fiber needs, gastrointestinal health, and bowel management.

  • 11.5 grams total protein + 6g soluble fiber per 1 ounce serving, including 2 grams of Arginine.

  • 2 grams of Arginine per serving for accelerated wound healing.

  • Complete protein; Fortified with Arginine, Taurine, Tryptophan, Histidine, Methionine, Glutamine, & Cysteine.

  • NO Sugar, fats, gluten, GMOs, lactose or soy.

Safe for diabetics, dialysis patients and persons with allergies.*

Please Note:  The product contains prebiotic fiber and is effective as a prebiotic and for improving gastrointestinal health while providing protein. 
  • The taste (sweeter), color (dark amber), texture (thicker viscosity) and appearance (darker) differ from the ProT GOLD regular protein because of this distinction.

Customer Reviews

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Pure Gold!

I’m a notoriously slow healer. Four major surgeries and each one cost me an average of 2-4 additional weeks of recovery time. It was daunting, knowing that I needed yet another major surgery and this one would be exponentially more painful than the rest. Then I came across a post on LinkedIn by a trusted connection about FrogFuel products and the difference between them and ALL the rest. I began to read the research, and the testimonials... and then I asked questions. In the past, I have had bad reactions to other protein drinks. The last one twisted my insides into knots. I tend to be cautious, even skeptical... but I was in dire need of help. So, I bought the Pro-T Gold a few weeks before my surgery. I wanted to try what I had been told will turn things around for me. I found that I had noticeably more energy and less pain. I even noticed that my nails were growing better and my hair and skin seemed to be more supple... thats a thumbs up considering I am 46! But even better, I had no negative reactions. I went into my surgery feeling more positive about the end results. I had been told I would be on my back for 7-10 days but the recovery would be 4-6 weeks. I am in week three post-op and I feel good. Granted, I am nowhere near 100% yet, but my body is begging to start working out again! I find myself more active and alert than I ever have been before after surgery and I am healing more on the targeted timeframe than on my body’s old broken clock. I cannot thank Alex and Jeff, for personally responding to questions and Ray Care for being honest and being the loud voice for positive mindset. FrogFuel products are the real deal! They may not be cheap but when it comes to quality and results, its worth the investment. I now have my sons using the Frog Fuel Power liquid protein shots after their workouts and they love them! WE are worth the investment!

Life Saver

This stuff is quite literally saving my life daily. Just wish it came in more/better tasting flavors.

Too thick

I LOVE the other gels and have recommended them to every one I know. I just crushed all my prs in a current ultra using the frog fuel gels. However, these are too thick for me to get down and make it hard for me to even use them.

Part of my post-workout recovery routine.

I’ve tried other collagen products; but no more. I’m sticking with ProT and FrogFuel as my mid and post-workout and run supplement. Better tasting, easier on my system, and have me feeling great.

The bottles



Your service was very excellent. Thank you

Solve the problem

I like the liquid.
But the delivery had MANY PROBLEM. This is the SECOND time it has arrived broken and leaking all over the package. I have sent a pictureto show the condition I received it in. Please take preventive action to fix this problem. Thank you.
Jean Montoya

Thanks Jean for the feedback. We have changed our shipping so that all 30oz bottles are now being shipped via a custom box to prevent the shipping damages. While these are clearly carrier shipping issues, we feel our customers should not have to deal with a leaking bottle. Thanks for the feedback!
ProT Gold with the fiber (the +F) is a perfect way for me to lead in to my work ...

I'm a retired senior citizen who still does consulting work, works out daily, plays golf, bikes and hikes. ProT Gold with the fiber (the +F) is a perfect way for me to lead in to my work at the gym or whatever exercise I'll do daily. I look forward to the flavor and take it straight in 1 oz. pours from the bottle. The benefit I've noticed is through a much easier recovery time following each workout.

ProT Gold is good stuff and it's always a pleasure to talk to you guys on the phone.

Amazing product, has helped with recovery post injury as ...

Amazing product, has helped with recovery post injury as well as fueling me on a daily use basis......heck of a lot better than choking down a big protein mixing and a ton of protein with every tablespoon!!!

Five Stars

Great when I travel. Exactly, what I needed.