ProT Gold Liquid Protein - Box of 24 x 1oz Packets
ProT Gold Liquid Protein - Box of 24 x 1oz Packets

ProT Gold Liquid Protein - Box of 24 x 1oz Packets

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Innovation in Advanced Medical Nutrition

Box with 24 x 1-oz packets

  • 17.5 grams total protein per 1 ounce serving.
  • 3 grams of Arginine per serving for accelerated wound healing.
  • Complete protein; fortified with Arginine, Taurine, Tryptophan, Histidine, Methionine, Glutamine, & Cysteine.
  • NO sugar, NO fats, NO carbs,
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free, lactose-free and soy-free.
Safe for diabetics, dialysis patients and persons with allergies.*

Customer Reviews

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Great product. I haven't used it long enough to determine the long time benefits. Tastes good also

Great Product!

Love this liquid protein...its perfect for my husbands peg tube...not too thick....I just add a little water to 1 oz of protein & goes right down, no problem!...

1 box down and feeling alright

47... been kinda rowdy, body broken in several places, what ain't broke has been well used as a lifetime of construction will do you in. Knees are feeling a bit less irritating, hitting the Proform HIIT and feeling old and determined so... I'll check back in.

I use Frogfuel after my workout it dose help with the soarness. Great prduct.

Great stuff

Oh yeah, this is the stuff

I have been using this stuff for a while. It works for me. I am 64 and and I have trouble with keeping weight on and this helps me maintain my weight while keeping my workout routines on schedule. Oh, and I like the taste.

Protein with a punch

A reasonable tasting straight protein supplement to punch up the workout


Awesome, really have noticed a difference. Joint pain has lessened, tremendously.

Thank you for creating this American made product and for your service.

As a bariatric patient, it isn’t always easy to fine quality proteins with little to no sugar/carbohydrates that do not make me nauseous and help me reach my daily protein goal. I did share about your ProT Gold with my online support group (33K members worldwide). I first encountered your product while watching Fox and friends one morning. I liked the idea this company was founded by veterans and the products had collagen in it. I thought after surgery this would be helpful for the healing process. I have found I continue to use this product months after surgery as no sugar is in the product. I purchased the berry flavor and I’m excited to try the tropical fruit flavor with fiber. I just have to check the ingredients to make sure no bananas in the tropical as I have a banana allergy. In a perfect world, it would be awesome if the 17.5g protein also had the additional 6g fiber (carb free fiber is helpful for bariatric patients). Keep up the great work and please keep this American made.

ProT has been extremely helpful in my recovery. Its helped my incisions heal beautifully. Incisions are still there but it’s not as dramatic when they where fresh. It also helped internal incision when my stomach was cut and made smaller. When you first have surgery you can only have 1 ounce at a time. So the serving size was beneficial because I could get the protein I needed to survive and heal and not stretch my new stomach at the time. After I came out of anesthesia my taste buds severely changed. I had to slowly sip on the frog fuel and it was painfully tart. I am now able to do a shot glass full of frog fuel; just like I’m back in college. wink. Too bad the cap couldn’t be made deeper so you could actually measure your one ounce serving directly and not dirty a measuring cup.
I believe I need to increase my protein and collagen intake again because my hair is falling out. Bariatric patients suffer from hair loss as their bodies produce less B vitamins.

49 and healing like I was 18 again

At 49 being a Judo player, I just don't heal like I used to. At the recommendation of Dr. Elizabeth (godan & purple belt in BJJ) I used ProT gold after oral surgery. I went in 3 weeks after the procedure and all the Dr. said was "WOW". I was 2-3 weeks ahead in healing time. Now my bone graft will be done that much sooner and I'm still on track for the next major tournament. I can't give Kudo's high enough. HooYah !

My go-to supplements.

Have used multiple products for weight training and marathon training and have been extremely pleased with each. Great tasten and a great pick-me-up after a gym session or run. Have been using this as a substitute while waiting for FrogFuel to restock and I’d recommend it as much as I have the other products.