16oz Bottle - ProT Gold Liquid Protein - Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Shots
16oz Bottle - ProT Gold Liquid Protein - Nutritional Facts

ProT Gold Liquid Protein - 16oz Bottle

  • Trusted by 3,000 medical facilities
  • Digests completely within 15 minutes
  • Formulated by a Stanford biochemist

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Innovation in Advanced Medical Nutrition

16 ounce bottle with 16 x 1-oz servings

  • 17.5 grams total protein per 1 ounce serving, including 3 grams of Arginine.
  • 3 grams of Arginine per serving for accelerated wound healing.
  • Complete protein; fortified with Arginine, Taurine, Tryptophan, Histidine, Methionine, Glutamine, & Cysteine.
  • NO Sugar, fats, carbs, gluten, GMOs, lactose or soy.
Safe for diabetics, dialysis patients and persons with allergies.*

Two options for your nutritional needs

ProT Gold comes in 30oz bottles or a box of single-serve 1oz packets. Bottles contain 30 x 1oz servings and are best for customers who need to take multiple servings of ProT Gold at one time

24 x 1oz Packets 30oz Bottle
Servings 24 30
Price $48 $46
Price per serving $2.00 $1.53 24% less per serving
24 x Single serving Packets 1 x Multiple serving bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
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Works for me!

Perfect protein boost after my workouts or training days at the range.

Love it!

I got the ProT because of the protein, I was needing something to take before workouts, a shake is WAY too heavy. These did the trick. Super lite I get that boost of protein, they are great to travel with!! The taste is a little bit of a shock if you don’t kneed the pack. So make sure you kneed it!! It’s has a great flavor after that!

Good stuff

The taste isn’t bad at all - easy way to get a good amount of protein.


I am currently on a very low carb diet and needed a good protein that wouldn’t conflict with it and help me not waste muscle. I lift weights daily and have always had to choke down wheys, beef, and egg based protein shakes. This stuff is just a shot at a time and the science supports it rather than pissing out most other powdered proteins because they don’t absorb efficiently enough.

Great fuel!

Last year I did 180 miles and 1,000 obstacles during races, I don’t believe this would have been possible without FrogFuel, especially at my age (53). Looking forward to a great 2020 as well!


Wonderful product!

Working out in Kuwait

55-yr old Paratrooper in Kuwait. Keeping up with the youngsters, thanks to Frogfuel!!!
Individual packets make it extra-portable, for those on-the-go moments.

Healing protein

Great tasting, packed with protein and easy to swallow with no apparent side effects.

Have a need and Pro T Gold fills it.

I prefer the 30 ounce bottle, but you were very low on inventory at the 30 oz. so I agreed to take two 16 oz.. Still the same great product, that I will use for the rest of my life. It has helped me get the protein I need. Being a diabetic, I have to watch my calories and carbs, but have to have the protein as my body does not process protein the way it should. Pro T Gold does the job.