Father and two sons are grinning happily after learning how to take collagen and its amazing benefits

8 Reasons Our Customers Love Taking Collagen Protein (and You Will Too)!

Collagen protein has helped millions of people experience a swift recovery after surgery, take control of their health, integrate medical nutrition therapy into their lives, and improve skin and bone health. 

But don’t just take our word for it! 

8 reasons our customers love taking collagen

We’re including numerous collagen protein reviews from actual customers so you can see exactly what they love most about our supplement - in their words.

Let’s read the top 8 reasons our customers love taking ProT Gold Collagen, and how to take collagen protein yourself! 

1. Our collagen has been shown to heal wounds faster

ProT Gold is a leading supplement recommended by 4,000+ medical professionals because of its ability to promote wound healing. Whether it be bedsores, a knee replacement, or recovering from an accident, taking collagen helps your body rebuild itself naturally. 

A few verified buyers have some tips on how to take collagen for speedy wound recovery: 

Darren Mock (Johnstown, US)
Rapid healing

"I had hand surgery 2 weeks before I got ProT Gold. My stitches broke. My pinky was going to have to heal from the inside out. After 2 weeks of using 1oz every morning, it’s almost healed. This is my 4th surgery, cut in the same area. After the 3rd surgery, I had the same issue. It took almost 2 months to heal. I’m so glad my daughter told me about your product. The photo doesn’t look so good but to me, I’m closer to getting back to normal hand use. Thank you. ProT Gold is amazing!"

Sylvia Casillas-Paes (Memphis, US)

"Recovered from 2nd-degree burn within 2 weeks while taking one serving of ProT twice a day!"

Two weeks! That’s incredible progress.

2. Collagen may decrease muscle soreness from therapy and workouts

Finding the right workout supplement for muscle recovery can take some trial and error. You want something that will fuel your body and allow for natural healing and muscle building. 

That’s why collagen protein is ideal for exercise performance. It enhances your body’s natural systems to enhance each and every muscle movement from start to finish. And, learning how to take collagen supplements before, during, and after a exercising may even help prevent muscle soreness, too: 

Melanie Campbell (Phoenix, US)
I can see and feel the difference!

"ProT Gold has helped me in my physical therapy program to help build muscle, helps with recovery in terms of muscle soreness, and my hair and nails are much healthier. I love it and take it every day. I use the one-ounce pouches for travel."

Tim Cox (Harriman, US)
Pep and rebuild

"Enough energy to get you through the workout and cuts down recovery time. By the 30 day mark, I didn’t even experience muscle cramps, and amped up increase in weights in half the time as prior to using! Customer for life!"

3. Collagen is convenient and ours is extra-easy to take

Did you know that ProT Gold comes ready to drink? Yep! Just open the package, and you have a 100% protein supplement-- no mixing required.

Jennifer Major-Byers (Detroit, US)
Convenient and tastes great.

"Fantastic product! Convenient single-serving makes it so easy to get my daily protein in and I really like the berry flavor. It seems to help me recover more quickly with less muscle soreness."

Dominic Cerreto D.C. (Nutley, US)
Easy Protein

"This protein is easy to ingest and tastes good. As a Chiropractor, I recommend this product to heal from injuries. As an F45 gym owner, it’s a convenient source of protein that helps your muscles recover from grueling F45 training sessions!"

4. Collagen may help restore and repair sports injuries

Learning how to take collagen protein may promote the healing of internal sports injuries.  

That means that if you tear a muscle, ligament, or cartilage, adding some ProT Gold to your routine could help you heal much faster - and may even prevent future injuries. 

Mark Whitt (San Diego, US)
Recovery going better than hoped

"As with any vitamin or health product, it’s hard to say if a product is responsible for good results. I am recovering from a leg muscle tear. I’m doing my best to get back leg muscle and ligament flexibility. I feel that this product has contributed greatly to my recovery. I will definitely be ordering more of this product."

5. ProT liquid collagen provides protein without additives

One of the most common reasons why our customers love our collagen protein is because it is an easily-digestible protein supplement that cuts out any unnecessary extras.

On a special diet?

ProT Gold liquid collagen is safe for people with diabetes and it’s keto-friendly - with no sugar, no carbs, and no fat. 

Angela M (Charlotte, US)
Great product

"I had started lifting weights 3x a week and needed more protein in my diet. Most days I can get it through food, but this product is great for when I need a bit more without the sugars, carbs, or fat to keep my macros in check. I add it to about 5 ounces of water and 1 Tbsp of ACV."

Truman Alford (Fredericksburg, US)
A diabetic's answer to a prayer

"A long time diabetic and now a medical condition that does not allow my body to absorb protein. This causes swelling and other problems. No fat, no carbs, only 70 calories and gives me 17.5g of total protein. Doctor's orders 100g of protein per day. I don't think I could do it without this product. As I said, 'Answer to a prayer'."

You can safely take our collagen peptide proteins each day (or multiple times a day) without worrying about any additives.

6. Collagen protein may promote faster surgery recovery

Learning how to take collagen may help with almost every part of surgery recovery. It is a versatile supplement because collagen is already something that our bodies need to function, grow, and heal. 

By adding in some additional easy-to-digest collagen protein after surgery, our body may use it to rebuild skin, ligaments, cartilage, and more. 

Cody Sharon (Independence, US)

"I purchased a 30oz bottle a couple of weeks ago on the advice of a friend. I had ACL reconstruction with an allograft tendon on August 3rd. All of the incisions are almost completely healed and it seems to help some with muscle fatigue from physical therapy and trying to walk a lot. I have already been released to go back to work on light duty and am walking unassisted. I believe it has helped me and would recommend it to others."

Alena Metz (Euless, US)

"I have Chronic Pancreatitis. I’ve had numerous complications and tremendous weight loss from it to the point that my Doctors talked about putting a feeding tube in me. I’m currently 5 weeks post-op from a surgery that required moving my intestine to the other side of my stomach so now my stomach empties to the opposite side. The ProT Gold has literally saved my life and aided in my ability to heal properly these last several weeks. When my surgeon saw my incision at 3 weeks post-op he actually said, 'Oh Wow! You heal like Wolverine!'"

Nick Kraushaar (Laguna Niguel, US)
The best protein on the market! PERIOD!

"I had knee surgery in early December to repair a patellar tendon that was torn 80%! At every stage of my recovery, everyone who checked my progress was impressed...from the dude who removed the stitches to the nurse and then the doctor who said I was ahead of schedule! I highly recommend ProT Gold not just for surgery recovery but also as a great way to keep high-end protein on board!!!"

7. Collagen may help reduce joint pain and arthritis symptoms

Wondering how to take collagen to improve joint pain? 

Well that’s simple, just make ProT Gold a part of your daily routine! It is a fast-acting, easy-to-use supplement that may help promote healthy joints and cartilage.

Michael Ellwood (Meridian, US)
One of the best decisions I have ever made.

"This product has literally changed my life. It has helped with my military injuries to the point I don't have to take as much pain medicine as I was."

Anthony Betterley
It actually makes a difference in joint discomfort.

"After taking daily for a couple of weeks, there was a noticeable relief in muscle and joint discomfort. My wife was scheduled for a knee replacement and after using this product for a couple of months, the surgery has been cancelled. Her doctor has no explanation for the amazing recovery."

8. Collagen can help amp up your workout

If your body can recover faster, you can build more muscle, make more gains, and have more energy when you exercise.

One tip for how to take collagen for more energy at the gym is to take it before you go! Give your body at least 15 minutes to absorb the collagen before starting your workout. 

Wendy Mason (Moses Lake, US)
Great product and customer service!

"A lifting buddy of mine discovered this product. We're serious about our performance and gains in the gym. It can be a challenge when you don't feel like eating or you just can't face another shake! This product is so terrific because you just shoot down an ounce and voila!

I've noticed gains in my lifts (I'm three weeks into taking it) and it has definitely helped with recovery, as well.

Finally, the customer service is really appreciated! I've received personal communications with a human touch and that means a lot, you know? There are so many business owners out there for the money, but I get the impression this team really cares about their consumers."

Dennis Mayhew (Kalispell, US)

"Been using ProT Gold 15 minute prior to lifting for 10 weeks in a back squat/deadlift program, have gained 6 lbs lean muscle."

Now that you’ve seen the amazing results our customers have seen from collagen protein, it’s time to learn how you can take collagen protein for your own benefit.

How to take our collagen protein

One of the major benefits of ProT Gold is that it is a pre-prepared, individually-packaged liquid collagen protein. That means you get the perfect serving amount each time, no mixing or measuring needed.

Not only that, but it is a hydrolyzed collagen supplement that is easy to digest and absorb. 

How to take collagen protein is somewhat up to you and your health or fitness goals. 

  • Are you using it as a way to recover faster after a surgery? 
  • Do you need an easy way to add extra high quality protein to your diet? 
  • Are you in physical therapy or beginning a new workout routine?
  • Do you want to promote healthy joints and bones as you age?

Determining your specific health goals will drive how to take collagen protein. The good news is that many of our customers enjoy using ProT Gold straight from the bottle or package. You don’t have to bother with carrying around a blender bottle or measuring out serving sizes. ProT Gold is ready to use! 

Depending on your goals and a few other factors, how much and how often you take your collagen supplements will differ. You will need to discuss the use of collagen protein with a medical professional before use, especially if you have a preexisting condition or take any prescription medications. 

And you can always reach out to our team. We’re here to help you live your life to the fullest and will make recommendations based on the success we’ve seen past customers experience.